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A Song of Ice and Fire

December 31, 2009 12:59:40.356

My friend Mike gave me the first two books of George Martin's " A Game of Thrones" for my birthday last month, and I've found them very engrossing - book three should be on its way from Amazon now. It's a huge story, with more characters than you can shake a stick at, and - unlike the cardboard ones you'll find in your typical political thriller, these characters are fleshed out. Having said that, if you decide to read these books, don't get too atached to any particular character - a number of "he can't kill so and so, can he?" moments have come and gone already (bear in mind that I'm only in book 2!), and plenty of those characters have been killed off.

Heck, I like the books well enough that they are modifying the way I exercise. More than once, instead of heading out to jog, I've gotten on the stationary bike so that I can read a few chapters :) Highly recommended series - it's not your run of the mill "swords and sorcery" fare by any means.

Oh, and yes - I am looking forward to the HBO series :)

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posted by James Robertson

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