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January 24, 2010 23:13:01.685

I really enjoyed reading "The Eyre Affair: A Thursday Next Novel" - it's one of the strangest things I've ever read, combining elements of Monty Python and Harry Potter in one place. Characters jump in and out of books; real bookworms power strange machines - and the time jumping father of Thursday adds a really hilarious twist right at the very end of the book. I can barely wait to dive into the next book in the series.
Meanwhile, my "exercise book" is "A Feast for Crows" - the 4th in Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series. I'm really hoping that he can finish the story - he's on book five of a planned 7 now, but who knows how much of his time will taken up by the HBO series? It's a really involved story, too - like Jordan's "Wheel of Time" series, if you put it down for a period of time, you'll just be lost when you come back. There are just so many characters, plots, and subplots moving at once.

The only trouble with all this is that my desire to read all of this stuff is pulling me away from jogging and over to the stationary bike - which cuts into my podcast listening time. Oh well :)

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posted by James Robertson

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