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IM 62: ESUG 2011 Web Panel (AAC)

January 22, 2012 12:01:02.167

Welcome to episode 62 of Independent Misinterpretations - a Smalltalk and dynamic language oriented podcast with James Robertson and David Buck.

This week I have another session from ESUG 2011: a web panel including Dale Henreichs, Thomas Holzer, Esteban Lorenzano, Janko Mivsek, and Nicholas Petton.

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To listen now, you can either download the mp3 edition, or the AAC edition. The AAC edition comes with chapter markers. You can subscribe to either edition of the podcast directly in iTunes; just search for Smalltalk and look in the Podcast results. You can subscribe to the mp3 edition directly using this feed, or the AAC edition using this feed using any podcatching software. You can also download the podcast in ogg format.

If you like the music we use, please visit Josh Woodward's site. We use the song Troublemaker for our intro/outro music. I'm sure he'd appreciate your support!

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posted by James Robertson

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